Friday, 16 November 2012

Design Practice III//Calligraphuck.

Recently I discovered the wonderful world and designs of 'Calligraphuck', which have proven to be a particular inspiration for my UK Greetings/YCN 2012-13 brief, though perhaps a little less lewd...

Whilst working on design developments (see my Design Practice blog for more info and visual examples), I started to thinking about themes of love and simple, sweet messages that could be written to a loved one, and started exploring typographic outcomes with my naturally cursive style which evolved into something calligraphic. What I love about Calligraphuck is the ability to take a simple sentence  or something quite tongue in cheek and make it extraordinarily elaborate (particularly loving the embossing- something I definitely want to try out with my own designs!).

Now I've purchased a beginner's calligraphy set online, I'm really going to try and push this brief as one which is skills-driven, and see how professional my production levels can really be. Really looking forward to getting started.

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