Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Collection 100: Weird and Wonderful Moustachioed Videos.

With a developing fascination with film and moving image, I have decided to research how moustaches are portrayed in visual context relative to sound and vision- with help and thanks to the video sharing site, YouTube, I have sourced some prime examples...

The sort of video I wish I had thought of first- weird, wonderful, yet so simplistic. I really love the minimal use of pixelation yet what such an impact it has with the ever-increasing pace of the music. 

"Why you lookin' at me?"... Well, because of your dandy moustaches, of course.
So many examples of "hilarious raps" out there, these guys give mousatches their place in social paradoy history. Oddly enough, this has inspired me- perhaps, instead of creating a badman rap, experimenting with semantics and word play- perhaps an ode to moustaches- again, maybe looking at a "user's guide" with a playful twist.

The thought of an oreos pizza truly disgusts me, but this advert is undeniably brilliant- tapping into a key market- the aspiring moustache grower- teenage boys have troubles too.

If Old Spice have done it- you know it has to be good. Such a brilliant moustache paradox, this is inspiring and a little bit genius. Perhaps I could play around with designing moustaches onto adhesive plasters, or think about printing onto scarves, etc- any objects that might cover the upper lip.

Another wonderfully clever advertisement utlising the great adhesive moustache, this time curteousy of the Beunos Aires Independent Film Festival. 
Adhesive or "false" moustaches are just as, if not more, famous than the true upper-lip growers, thus, it will certainly be worth researching more into the culture of false moustaches- fustaches.

Again, simple but so very effective- perhaps consider looking at the importance of moustaches and hair- through identity and public image.

Adorable (in a manly way, obviously) and inspiring- this really wants me to grab a pen and start a moustache-themed limerick series. This is a book in the making.

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