Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Collection 100 Research: Mr Bingo.

Mr. Bingo is a London-based illustrator and graphic design of whom I have admired and been in awe of since "discovering" his work on the cover of the first QI "book of general ignorance" my sister bought me as a present several years ago. 
Mr. Bingo can be credited for his unique playfullness and diversity, working with numerous notable clients including companies and organizations such as: 

-Financial Times
-The Guardian, etc...

However, I consider my favourites pieces of work from his portfolio are from his hair series...

The cast characters from television series 'The Mighty Boosh'.
 Characters from the Star Wars franchise.

A hairdo fine for any aspiring prog-rocker!

The obligatory moustache picture.
I really love the consitency of Mr Bingo's style in this series and how simple yet effective the idea is- distinctive hair cuts can be very strongly associated with their owners for key visual communication. 

I will consider applying this to my own findings- what people see as distinctive or memorable moustaches from their responses to my "favourite celebrity moustache" survey...

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