Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Collection 100: Famous Bros. with Famous Mo's: 20 portraits of moustaches.

It's a well-known fact that moustaches can be more than a little bit awesome- distinguished, charismatic and playful...but then again they can go so, so wrong.

Here, I showcase some of the most notable and famed moustaches from the world of celebrity- those that did it so right, and those that are more than a little bit odd.

Everyone's favourite genius, Albert Einstein- showcasing a traditional style which suited his eccentricty perfectly.

Basil Fawlty- everything was faulty bar the wonderful 'tache.

Personally, I'm not a lover of The Killers frontman, Brandon Flower's facial fuzz phase, but he still undoubtedly works the tache like a trooper... a very, very handsome trooper.

Charlie Chaplin...another iconic moustache, this time from the legendary slapstick comedian- worn in a "toothbrush" style.

Freddie Mercury- king (or queen...) of rock. Freddie went through smooth phases throughout his career, but definately was remembered for the upper lip adorement the most- also, a glowing example of how well a moustache can disguise a prominent upper jaw!

Groucho Marx- another legendary moustache-wearing comic, truly distinctive and parodied the world-over.

David Suchet as Agatha Christie's Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot- perhaps with one of my favourite moustaches of all time- sleek and elegant, true European moustache chic.

Howard "Don't be mocking my Mocha" Moon- Julian Barratt here in surrealist comedy show, The Mighty Boosh, showcasing what is undoubtedly one of the most attractive moustaches in the modern day (this is not up for disagreement).

When the 70's had it's wicked way with Lionel...enough said.

Manuel, the "adorable" waiter in the Fawlty Towers hotel, as if the moustache needed any more of an excuse, "he's from Barcelona..."

Nick Cave- the true example that the man makes the moustache. Never in the history of the world has a horseshoe moustache been anything but laughable, until this man came along, and gave the horseshoe an avantegarde and uber-trendy edge...obviously.

Salvador Dali...I just haven't the words. The true moustahce-d messiah.
If I could create an entire project on his without exhausting every avenue of this fantastic man's life, i would.

"Just like the word "Marco" implies "Polo", the phrase "Attractive moustache" implies Tom Selleck"- the wonderful response from an annonymus 'Yahoo! Answers' member summarises it all really- one of the few men in the world who may infact look BETTER with facial fuzz, believe it or not...

Moustaches don't escape the cartoon world either, with some of culture and "celebritie's" most notable 'taches being adorned through images of animation and illustration.

Here, Ned Flanders has a BMD (Bad Moustache Day) in Springfield (from television show 'The Simpsons').

Super Mario- everyone's favourite Italian moustached character, putting moustaches on the virtual map.

...and when moustaches go bad...

I'm sorry Mr Hogan, but there really is no excuse for this bleach-blonde horsey monstosity. A true lover of moustaches, this just makes me shake my head and wonder...why?

Adolf Hitler, WWII dictator and the owner of the world's most infamous moustache.

Contreversial Russian communist leader, Joseph Stalin- like Adolf Hitler, the less said about him the better...

Not neccessarily evil, but pretty darn close. The 'Go Compare' man is undoubtedly gracing many advertisers hit-lists right about now.

The most disturbing crime to facial fuzz known to mankind. The Chuckle Brothers certainly gave me nothing to chuckle about as a child...

...pure terror.