Wednesday, 22 September 2010

what is graphic design?

I first discovered Steph's work, quite by accident.
What a charming little accident that was.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, Steph Baxter had not long graduated from the very course that I was delighted to soon be starting; a BA (Hons) Graphic Design at Leeds College of Art (not brown-nosing here, honest).

Aside from this mutual bond, I really did fall helplessly in love with Steph's sugar-coated, gleefully enchanting illustrative graphics, and am delighted whenever I am venturing through the internet to find a new addition to Steph's portfolio.

Never so much so, when the double-whammy of discovering a wonderful new magazine in 'Oh Comely', and finding a page of Steph's illustration's on a "culinary utensils quiz" on the back page (with words from Michael Bennett).

As I mentioned above, I really love Steph's ever-optimistic and playful illustrative style, that is so full of life and vitality, you cannot help but to smile when you look at them.
What i particularly love about this particular pattern illustration plate is both the personification of innanimate objects (there aren't enough burgers with smiley faces in this world) and the colour palette used.
The subtle differences between the mint greens, whites and yellows work really well together, and whilst, of course, containing a lot of pattern and attention to detail, the colour combinations work harmoniously, and due to it's matching colour scheme is very easy on the eye, and completely aesthetically delightful!

"graphic design...simple and effective."

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