Tuesday, 21 September 2010

what is graphic design?

Penguin Classics.
est. 1935.

I have always been drawn to Penguin classic covers. Really, I don't know whether it's because i love the colour orange (I type, whilst wearing an orange hoodie...), love literature, or love penguins- but my guess is, that it's all three.

From initially posting this picture and going on to research the history of Penguin classics, I really have become enchanted with the publishing house's history- creating a "flippant" character (i.e the penguin)- an innovative yet simplistic icon design that really has stood the test of time.

I love the colour scheme of these classic covers, and think that the bright works wonderfully with the soft cream, both working in contrast with the bold, black lettering which showcases some of the most celebrated modern-day classic literature in a uniformed, yet stylish set.

"graphic design...simple and effective."

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