Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Design Practice II//Product/Range/Distribution//Children's Books, 9-11.

Beginning to research, and look into popular books and literature choices for 9-11 year old children, my specified target market for my design outcomes for my '200 books for 200 schools' promotional campaign concept.

Looking through the list helped me to determine the mixture of classic literature that is still commonly read, along with more contemporary authors. Also really interesting to see the mixture of illustrative cover design- some, really minimal and crisp (usually found in the classic versions- with repeat pattern design commonly found) or very illustrative, eye-catching designs.

Below, a list of themes to inspire me, which seem to reoccur within the books shown here (sourced through screenshots on various web links, see above) along with popular authors of whom I could potentially take inspiration from in my own designs.


- Adventure
- Mystery
- Tween romance
- Fun
- Magic


Jacqueline Wilson
Stephanie Meyer
Terry Prachett
J.M Barie
Roald Dahl
Frances Hodgson Burnett

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