Thursday, 17 May 2012

Design Practice II//Product/Range/Distribution//Puffin Web & Print.

After feedback from yesterday's crit session, and the decision to move on to working with colour illustrations, I decided to take a look on the Puffin website, to see how effectively my designs would translate over to their site.
Originally, I wanted to use the silhouette B&W style to stand out as a range, and to be unique, though I see clearly that the Puffin site is for children, and is bright and colourful as a result. Inspired by a link to the 'Puffin Classics'range, I went on to look at some of the illustrative covers, where black and white illustrations are primarily used (love the Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan covers by Chris Riddell- he was one of my favourite illustrators whilst at college) with the addition of a spot colour or two. Definitely something worth considering within my own outcomes and design practice.
For more design development examples, see my Design Practice blog.

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