Thursday, 16 June 2011

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2011.

After just watching the Culture Show Special: The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2011 (BBC2) I have decided that I would really like, if possible with my busy timetable, to get down to see the London exhibition before it closes in August.

From my art & design BTEC, a great deal of the intensive teaching and direction was in a fine art background. Whereas it is not my primary interest, this gave me a great deal of knowledge and fascination for a wider variety of art forms, as well as my Graphic Design and Illustration focus. The 243-year established exhibition houses hundreds of works of art, including work from famed artists such as Jeff Koons and Tracey Emin, as well as the work of amateur artists with an admission fee of £25 per art work.

One of the main interests for me is the architecture room. With an architect partner, it is something I have developed a more focused interest upon in the past five years, and am fascinated by the render designs and meticulous model-making process.

Definately do my best to get to the show- I love exhibitions, and with a keen interest in the history of art and curating, this is certainly something I would like to get myself more involved in in the near future.

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