Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Inspiration for the Day.

Browsing the web for some GD gems- lots of inspiration for the path I would like my own practice to follow, and to learn from these designers (when I've quite finished drooling)...

End of year poster for the Graphic Design show at Portland University. Fun use of negative space which can be applied to lots of different backgrounds and textures for versatility. Graphic design should be fun, and it's an amazing job- I shouldn't forget that as often as I do.

Love the gradient blend- yellow is irresistable. Actually impossible to feel unhappy when looking at the colour yellow- unless it's mustard-toned, naturally.

Sweet and simple- subtle infographics blend with the venn diagram. I like the colour blends- but perhaps the red in the centre is a bit too close to the pink? Perhaps change the 'you' to an orange shade for more definition.

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