Saturday, 23 July 2011

Eternal Sunshine: Minimal Movie Posters.

Found and blogged this alternative film poster for (my personal favourite film) 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind' by Jeremy Henrickson whilst browsing through Tumblr. Amazing design- simply and clean, just how I like my design- but as of yet haven't had the confidence to execute. As I want to specialise in film work, this is a real inspiration. Definately going to try out designs like this for myself ASAP.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Star Wars posters by Jan Skácelík.

LOVE these Star Wars posters, designed by Czech Graphic Designer Jan Skácelík.
Good use of minimal colour and fun Illustrations which represent the films well.
Classy geekery.
Available to purchase via Jan's Etsy store:

Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Friend and designer-in-crime, recently introduced me to Wallpaper* magazine, through, of all things, the wonderful world of Facebook.
I'm always on the look out for new, exciting arts and design magazines for inspiration through my own design practice and through the layouts and editorial of the magazine itself. 
Recently I've been hoarding quite a few magazines- 'Dazed&Confused' and 'Computer Arts' being notable additions to the collection. I'm going to keep a track of all the new finds so I can go crazy with the coppers...when I have them, one day. 
Hopefully I'll purchase a copy of Wallpaper* soon and give it a test run!

Lego Albums Covers.

I don't think that I can express my love for this enough. Everything is better when It's done with Lego.
Must go to their brand headquaters one's an architectural wonder...the soul reason why I want to travel to Denmark. 

I'm such a child.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Xylosaurus by Andy Wilhite.

Super-cute tee from Threadless designer, Andy Wilhite. With a not-so-secret love for all that is cutesy and dinosaur-y, this is definately up my street. Still hoping to submit some designs to Threadless before the summer is out, this is a great inspiration- also to encourage me to:

-Use more colour (and appropriately) within my designs
-Practice my Illustrator skills more, be more creative
-Experiment with my new Graphics Tablet (yay!)
-Not to loose my hand-drawn style, again...more practice needed.

Pantone Skin Swatches.

Whether it be with painting, pencil colouring, or digital application of colour, for one reason or another, I've always had difficulty when it comes to matching an appropriate skin swatch.
I fear no more.
I found this handy little site which provides a vast variety of skin colours for character design, along with the conversions of their HEX number, and RGB.

Ways To Stay Creative.

Good advice. Fortunately, I seem to be keeping a good balance so far this summer. 
Really important to keep in mind for when I start Uni again in September. I had an epiphany last week about my degree. I'll spare the details, but I know I'm going to make things a lot better next year. Less stress, more sleep, better results.

Elastic Font.

Although my love for typography is undoubtedly developing as I learn more about the design process, the rules of typography, and exploring new styles of typefaces and the manipulation of letterforms, I must admit, I'm not there quite yet. I appreciate and have a basic understanding of typography, but for me, it often seems a little too mathematical and structured for my frankly mental design methods (I'm a doodler).
However, of late, I've found myself really inspired by three-dimensional and "found objects" typography- a chance to escape computer design and, in my mind, a slightly more creative way of thinking.
I found this Elastic Font series whilst browsing through the Behance network- whilst it's very creative and playful, it also has a structured format (thanks to the pin board)- love to try and have a go at something like this next academic year. Really cool design.

*Only, shame about the widowing on the posters! Amber would not approve.

Never Say No To A Panda.

Now in t-shirt form.
LOVE this. Every fangirlism I have should be printed onto a tee.