Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Elastic Font.

Although my love for typography is undoubtedly developing as I learn more about the design process, the rules of typography, and exploring new styles of typefaces and the manipulation of letterforms, I must admit, I'm not there quite yet. I appreciate and have a basic understanding of typography, but for me, it often seems a little too mathematical and structured for my frankly mental design methods (I'm a doodler).
However, of late, I've found myself really inspired by three-dimensional and "found objects" typography- a chance to escape computer design and, in my mind, a slightly more creative way of thinking.
I found this Elastic Font series whilst browsing through the Behance network- whilst it's very creative and playful, it also has a structured format (thanks to the pin board)- love to try and have a go at something like this next academic year. Really cool design.

*Only, shame about the widowing on the posters! Amber would not approve.

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