Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Anthony Zinonos.

Being a fan of his work for quite some time, I felt it was high-time that I gave the wonderful Designer, Anthony Zinonos just a fraction of the praise he deserves via a little blog post (small steps, small steps).
A multi-cultural influence (born in South Africa, raised in Cyprus and studying for his degree, and now living in, Norwich) his work is diverse, creative and fun- tongue-in-cheek to a tee.
Having studied for his aforementioned degree in Printmaking and Photomedia, Anthony's work is heavily dependent on collage and paper craft techniques which have captured client's imaginations the world over- a few notable mentions being Chanel, Alpha Romeo and Vouge Girl, Korea.
Although it is not a style which I have experimented with in my own practice a great deal, I really am fond of Anthony's light-hearted and unique approach to design and visual communication. His seemingly spontaneous collage methods and certainly something I would like to experiment more within my second and third year at University...don't let me forget...

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